Our eMAR solution gives you control…

Our eMAR solution provides a complete medication management solution with some real benefits that you can’t get elsewhere, giving you confidence that you can deliver the best pharmaceutical care possible.

Ensuring the highest standards of pharmaceutical care for nursing home residents is key to a safe and efficient operation for both nursing home and pharmacy provider alike. Our eMAR solution provides the right tools for your nursing home residents, such as ongoing stock management and the ordering and administering of medications.

It tracks the order and delivery of medicines and automates reports, facilitating efficiency improvements.

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MED e-care eMAR solution

Medication Administration Records

The eMAR solution is designed to not only replace paper based MARs but also to provide new insight into how medications are ordered, managed, wasted / disposed of and ensures that they are administered on time to those who need them. This reduces drug errors, increases transparency through robust audit trails and gives nursing home staff more time to provide direct resident care.

eMAR offers insight into medication trends and reduces risk.

eMAR helps nursing homes and pharmacies to reduce waste.

eMAR works offline for those homes without a strong internet connection.

Integrated with your PMR

From ordering monthly medications to daily interim orders, all communication is contained within the eMAR system to ensure safe, secure and auditable transmission of information.

eMAR sends interim and monthly orders directly to the nursing home.

eMAR is integrated with your pharmacies dispensing system.

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Medication Administration Records

MED e-care’s eMAR solution offers nursing homes the flexibility to administer their medication in the way which best meets the individual needs of their residents. Whether using traditional monitored dosage systems, blister packs or original packaging, our eMAR can be tailored to meet the needs of your care homes and helps to reduce waste and overstocks.

The system’s ordering process is integrated with the administration so that homes consider what stock they have before ordering more.

When running low on stock, staff members are notified both during the medication round and through a home level dashboard so that medications are always in stock.

eMAR alerts nursing homes when they are running low on stock.

eMAR simplifies the ordering process.

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